Message from the President

Wetland Services conducted its first Section 404 project in 1997. It was a mitigation project for a local power company that included landshaping and tree planting on 24-acres of wetland. At that time that I realized the opportunity and need for expert consulting & restoration. I endeavored to be the very best within my home range which is the Illinois basin region of Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois & Western Kentucky. Our projects range in size from 5-acres to 17,000-acres, and occur under every possible condition. Wetland Services has conducted jurisdictional determination on over 80,000-acres of land, and have permitted a considerable portion of that area. We specialize in design-build mitigation projects and are expert at monitoring and maintaining projects thru successful release.


I select the members of my team from a common cloth of personal morals, business ethics, and professional expertise. The key to successfully completing your project is a keen understanding of the regional ecology, and the mechanisms that drive these natural systems. Most of us grew up farming, hunting & fishing such that we were raised to gain an intuitive understanding of the land. We were then educated in all facets of restoration ecology and geographic technology. Lifetimes of experience and education culminate into making Wetland Services the very best.